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August 18-21, 2024

SURVIVAL is sponsored by the BCM every August before the semester begins. HUNDREDS of NEW UT MARTIN students have enjoyed the experience of MOVING IN EARLY, MAKING NEW FRIENDS, JOINING A FAITH COMMUNITY, and LEARNING HOW TO SURVIVE COLLEGE!



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Moving in early helps you adjust to the living on campus

Making New Friends

Connecting with a faith community in college


“Going to SURVIVAL really sparked my want for Jesus to be in my life in college. I'm so glad I went and connected with some great people."


"SURVIVAL was awesome! It helped me see that there are Christian organizations to get involved with and people that are like minded also going to UT Martin."


“SURVIVAL was such an amazing experience! Moving in early was a big help and making new friends helped me make the adjustment to UTM!”

Survival '24 Schedule

SUNDAY (Aug. 18)
    *8am--Begin Moving into Campus Housing
    *5:30pm---Dinner for students & family/friends who helped
                       move in
​    *6:15pm---Survival Welcome/Kickoff

    *9:00am--Sessions/Small Groups/Activities
    *Noon--Lunch by Local Churches
    *1:30pm--Free Time
    *5:30pm--Dinner by Local Churches
    *7:00pm--Evening Activities

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