UT Martin Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Our BCM Students and the UT Martin Campus are VERY IMPORTANT TO THE BCM MINISTRY. This is a challenging time for students, faculty, and the UT Martin administration. Since the BCM is an RSO (Registered Student Organization), we follow the direction of the university. If you are wondering what direction the campus administration has taken during this time, please visit their website...utm.edu.

Below is the UTM BCM's response to the Coronavirus:

*The BCM Center--The BCM Center will be closed to the public until April 6th. The date of reopening could be changed based on the decisions of the university. If the facility reopens on April 6th, our highest priority is the health of our students. These measures include:

      *Several Hand sanitizer dispensers around the building

      *Cleaning of door handles several times during the day

      *Disinfecting various gathering places around the building

      *Supply of soap dispensers in bathrooms

      *A variety of Advisory Signs around the building with insightful instructions on personal care

      *Advisement for sick students to seek self-quarantine 

*Programming--While BCM in-person events have been cancelled, the BCM will be utilizing Instagram Live and YouTube in order to offer a DIGITAL gathering of the UTM BCM Community. Through the use of technology and social media, we are happy to share what we will be doing during the next three (3) weeks.

GO TO @utmbcm on INSTAGRAM for INSTAGRAM LIVE on the days below

YouTube Link (To Be Posted This Coming Week)

*MONDAYS @ 6pm--THE WELL (Weekly Worship)---Worship lead by a few students and a special message from BCM Staff

*TUESDAYS @ 6pm--RADIANT (Women's Discipleship)--A special message from Kirsty-Rhe or Melinda

*THURSDAYS @ 7pm--MANUP (Men's Discipleship)--A special message from Christian.